Candidate FAQ

Value Proposition

  • Candidate/Recruiter Matchmaker!
  • Confidentially market your profile for free
  • Connect with the best specialty recruiters for your career aspirations
  • Exposure to unpublished and confidential job openings


Why not connect with recruiters via social media?

While social media is becoming a good tool, you cannot remain anonymous in those forums. For the recruiter, social media forums are very limited in functionality compared to the traditional resume databases. FeeTrader® has created a hybrid of these 2 mediums giving candidates access to the best of both worlds.

How does my identity remain confidential?

The registration process guides you through. You only present as much info as you wish. The fields requesting your name and various contact information remains confidential to recruiters unless you apply to a posted position which reveals your contact only to that respective recruiter.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, at anytime but we encourage you to keep your profile active as your ideal recruiter match can surface at anytime (many sign up daily) which can help you achieve your career dreams. To cancel your membership email, and include your name, email, phone number, and reason for cancellation.

The FeeTrader® site is new. Is there still value in it?

Absolutely! Originally, FeeTrader® was to be a recruiter-to-recruiter network and we had no plans of opening our doors to candidates. Since we have been so successful at getting recruiters to join, candidates have been reaching out to us requesting access to this network. Being an early entrant means that your confidential profile will catch the attention of many recruiters.

What sort of timeframe should I expect to see action?

You may see activity in the first week but may not for several weeks or months. Finding the perfect recruiting partner or next job can take time but once you do, your career can greatly benefit.

What happens if I find a job through FeeTrader®?

Congratulations! Since your profile is confidential stay on board and generate network connections. Should your new job situation ever change, you will be ready!